Surely, each of us have been in the situation to receive advise and to learn from the ones around us, and the persons who have guided us were often our professors, our friends or our teachers. The same support we can see today at organizational level as the mentoring process.

Companies all around the world use this method for the development and engagement of their key talets.

Mentoring is essential I any constructive organization that wishes to create a culture of guidance and support for its employees and it brings multiples benefits both for the employees receiving mentoring and for the managers and senior experts willing to invest their time and share their experience in this process.

Any company focused on development and mentoring will create an environment where the sharing of experience and learning from others is allowed and encouraged, while any mentor will be able to develop his interaction and leadership skills but also learn new things from the ones he or she guides.

The employee receiving mentoring will be more engaged and accountable for his own development objectives, will learn from others, will have more support to develop his dream career and will understand a different perspective of his challenges than before.

We offer a vast management, coaching and mentoring experience as well as a robust and well structured mentoring framework, that each company focused on talent development will be able to implement with minimum effort.

The mentoring framework we are offering starts in the early stages with the development needs and objectives identification for the ones requiring mentoring, followed by the matching with the most suitable consultant to cover the need.

The mentoring sessions could take place face to face or by using virtual means (e.g. Skype, Lynk, phone) to ensure more flexibility and ease of access to the process for everyone involved, causing the minimum disruption in the business and in the daily activity.