When employees are choosing the right roles in the organization the success will follow shortly.

The range of recruitment and selection services we are offering to our clients ensures the selection of the best candidates. Our methods of selection include new evaluation techniques, structured interviews, NLP techniques and psychometrics tests.

Our consultants are accredited in the use of Hogan Assessment tools such as HPI, HDS and MVPI.

On our clients request we can include in the process additional evaluations for technical skills, leadership, language and PC tests or other psychometric tests.

We also have the competency to run Assessment Centres for recruitment purposes. Our consultants will develop the most appropriate case studies, individual and team exercises to ensure the best candidate is being selected.

General steps of the recruitment and selection process

  • Meeting the client to understand the company’s specific to ensure an accurate presentation of the company is done for the potential candidates
  • Agreement with the client on the job profile (responsibilities, performance objectives, compensation and benefits)
  • Defining the candidate profile (background, experience, qualifications, skills and competencies)
  • Filtering potential candidates following multiple source search: online databases, jobs websites, online and media job announcements, partner’s databases, professional networks
  • Attracting the candidates and their evaluation using a combination of methods, agreed with the client, that can consist of structured and situational interviews, use of psychometric tools, case studies and role plays or Assessment Centers.
  • Presentation of the candidates short list together with a recruitment report base on the evaluated competencies
  • Counseling the client in the decision making process
  • References check for final candidates

Job openings

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